WhatsApp Dark Mode Is Here – See How To Activate It

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The feature that everyone is willing for has been rolled out recently. WhatsApp being the best instant messaging application, they introduce dark mode for better experiences on WhatsApp

This is one of the best feature most social media users like because it is users friendly and it prevents eyestrain. 
Dark theme is good a lot especially at night, just like other application developer has been implementing this on their applications. 
Dark theme is also known as Dark mode and Night mode. 
Last year was when WhatsApp announced to implement this feature earlier this year (2020) which they did, a lot of users has been using this on WhatsApp. 
Let’s see how you can easily activate yours if you don’t know how to
Update the WhatsApp Messenger application on your Phone to the latest version on Play store/Apple Store. 

How To Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

  • Open WhatsApp, now tap on the three dots at the right upper corner
  • Tap on Settings >> Chats
  • Tap on Theme and pick Dark in the option that’ll be shown
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That’s all for activating Dark Mode on WhatsApp, Please share. 

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