Reasons Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel

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Today, I feel like putting some people through this YouTube channel of a thing. Starting a YouTube channel is easy and doesn’t require a blog before starting. 
Having a YouTube channel is great, some youtubers are making huge amount monthly than some salary earners. 
I have made my research very well and I have come to gather this that YouTube channel is a great work you should start. 
Honestly, you can’t start YouTube channel today and have millions/thousands of subscribers today as well, so it’s a long process that can takes almost a year before you create the awareness and have numerous subscribers. 
YouTube channel is like a blog that we post often and after a lot of hard work, you will succeed if you know what you are doing. 
Once again, you don’t need a blog before starting YouTube channel, you can do that if you want but it is optional. 

Reasons Why You Should A YouTube Channel

  • You Can Start YouTube Channel For Free
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Starting YouTube channel won’t cost at all, because it is totally free of charge. 
  • You Can Earn Millions Of Naira With A Video On YouTube
According to Dan Lok, a popular youtuber. He said in one of his videos that he earned $4,000 on one of his videos with 1 million views. Do you see that it is cool? I know some people 6 months salaries is not up to that $4,000.
Think about this, if Dan Lok can make $4,000 in one of his videos with 1 million views, then at least Dan Lok published about 10 – 15 videos monthly. Let’s say 5 of that videos generate 1 million views or more, then you can simply know that is not a peanut money. 
  • You Can Build Your Brand On YouTube
Even if you have a blog, you can also build your brand on YouTube. It’s good and as a blogger, you earn on your blog with at least 3 ads and you also earn on YouTube. Do you see that it is cool? Yeah, it is. 
  • You Can Get Traffic & Backlinks To Your Blog If Your YouTube Video Go Viral
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Yes, if your YouTube video go viral and you include your blog address in the video description. You will get backlink from YouTube and you will definitely get a lot of traffic to your blog. 
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