Opay Refer And Earn Review: How To Make Money With Opay Refer And Earn

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Opay refer program is ongoing and we’ve heard that you can earn up to N922k with this refer and earn. 
As we all know, Opay is a subsidiary of Opera Apps and it’s one of the trusted Nigeria platform for ePayment wallet. 
Opay has created this Refer and Earn program to make everyone earn by referring someone to the Opay app
Let’s go to the main reason why you are reading this post. 

What’s Opay? 

Opay is an ePayment wallet launched by the popular Opera Software Company. The app enables users to shop and pay for products and services using their mobile phone.

How To Register On Opay And Earn

The option for Refer and Earn on Opay is for registered users, if you ain’t a registered user, kindly do so now. 
  • Firstly, Download Opay Android and iOS app here – Download Here
  • Open the app after download and tap on Sign Up
  • Input your phone number, enter the unique code that will send to your register number 
  • Enter other details including your name, email, D.O.B, e.t.c and proceeds with your registration. 
  • Fill in this event referral code to earn real money together DO8W53Z
  • Create a 6 digits password for your Opay account security. 
  • Ultimately, fund your Opay account with at least 100 Naira through your bank and use the 100 Naira in Opay to purchase airtime. 
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Don’t Forget To Enter DO8W53Z as your event referral code so that you can earn and I’ll also earn. 

How To Fund Your Opay Account

In case you don’t know how to do this, I’ll explain and shows you how you easily fund your Opay account. 
  • After registrations, open the Opay app and tap on Add Money
  • Secondly, tap on Bank in Opay app
  • Then Enter your bank details and the amount (minimum N100) you wished to send for transactions to proceed and complete. 
  • Wow, you’ve successfully funded your Opay account
It’s time to use that your 100 Naira in Opay to purchase airtime. 

How To Purchase Airtime In Opay

  • Login to Opay and tap on Airtime/Data anyone you want to go for
  • Then select your size, and pay with your Opay balance which is the minimum of 100 Naira you’ve sent before. 

How To Get Your Referral Code

Getting your referral code after registrations and the little tasks that recommended before you starting earnings. 
One again, don’t forget to enter this event referral code DO8W53Z 
If you don’t enter the referral code, don’t be surprised when you don’t earn money from Opay refer and earn. 
  • Login to your Opay account through the app
  • Tap on Cashback and also tap on Refer and Earn
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  • You’ll see your referral event code in the next field that will be shown to you. 
  • Now copy the code and start sharing it and you’ll also be given a referral link also. 

Few Things To Know About Opay Refer And Earn

If the person you refer doesn’t fund his/her Opay account with the minimum of 100 Naira, you won’t be given/rewarded anything. 
Always tell anyone you refer to the Opay refer and earn to enter your referral event code, fund their Opay account  and also use it to purchase airtime instantly after funding is successful. 
  • You’ll get N310N450 per referral depending on your referral level. See the levels below


Don’t forget to enter my event referral code, fund your Opay account and also purchase airtime from the Opay balance. 
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