How To Save WhatsApp Status On Android And With Xender

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There are tons of applications in both Play store and Apple Store for saving WhatsApp status. Today, I will shows you how you can easily save WhatsApp status with the popular Xender file sharing application. 

For instance, a lot of WhatsApp users used the modify version of the application which is not recommended. Like GbwhatsApp is a great example, some people uses due to the features making it more powerful than WhatsApp messenger. 
Using the modify version of WhatsApp application can get your account into trouble because WhatsApp won’t let anyone using the fake version of their application. 
No more worries, I will show you how you can easily download all WhatsApp status with only Xender. 


How To Save WhatsApp Status With Xender

  • Firstly, you need to update your Xender application to the latest version 
  • Secondly, open Xender and click on Social as it is shown below
  • Tap on Connect
  • Xender will open your WhatsApp automatically, now press back to go back to Xender
  • You can start saving all the WhatsApp status with the green arrow pointing down
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If you wished to save Videos from the WhatsApp status, kindly watch the video to the end before you go back to Xender and you will be able to download/save the file. 

How To View The WhatsApp Status You Saved

  • Kindly open File Manager on your phone, tap on SD Card
  • Locate and Open Xender Folder
  • Tap on Statuses folder to view all your Saved WhatsApp statuses
That’s all, I hope it is helpful. Kindly drop a comment and share. 

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