How To Know If Your Contact Read Your WhatsApp Messages, Even If Read Receipts Has BeenTurned Off

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Some people on WhatsApp are enjoying the WhatsApp feature that let you read messages on WhatsApp and the contact won’t know you did. 

Today, I’m going to show you how you can know if the person/contact read your messages even if read receipts is turned off.
How do we know if the person didn’t read our message? We know if see the gray ticks. 

What Does The Gray Ticks Means On WhatsApp? 

The gray ticks means that your message has been sent and delivered but it hasn’t been seen/read.

What Does The Blue Ticks Means On WhatsApp? 

This means that your message has been sent, delivered and it has been seen. 

Note that some people can turned off Read Receipts which won’t let you see the blue ticks even if they’ve seen your message.  

How To Know Your Contact Read Your Messages On WhatsApp – Even If Read Receipts Has Been Turned Off

The only solution to this is after sending your messages to the person and the blue ticks is not there. It might be the person is not online or he/she doesn’t view your chat again. 

But in most cases, if you want to know if the person read your messages👇👇
  • Send the person a voice record using WhatsApp voice record, if the person has see your messages you will see the blue ticks on the voice record. This means the person has already seen other messages too. 
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Even if the Read Receipts is turned off, you will see the blue ticks on the voice record. 
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