How To Fix Phone Navigation Bar Fault With Application

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I have experienced this before when my phone navigation bar is no longer working anymore. I have to find a trick to solve the problem, now I will share the trick to solve this.

When your phone navigation bar is faulty, you can no longer use the home, back and recent button again.

I have done this several times and its working perfectly but the only thing that can stop this trick from working is when your phone screen also have fault.

You can use the trick below when your phone has navigation bar problems and not screen problem.

Note that when your phone has navigation bar problems, you can easily get a new one or you can repair it.

But, in case you don’t have money now to repair or buy new one then you can follow my trick below.

Follow my trick below and share if its works.

How To Fix Your Phone Navigation Bar With Application

  1. Open Play store (or App Store) on your phone and search for Simple Control or Click Here
  2. Download and install the application
  3. Open the app and allow all the permissions
  4. You will notice a new navigation buttons (Back, Home, Recent) when allow the permissions.
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You can start using the navigation buttons and enjoy your phone before you repair it.

You can go to the app for customization for the navigation bar.


This trick may not work if your screen has faults, it should work if your phone only has navigation problems.

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