How To Create Animation/Cartoons Videos On Android Phone

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Animation video is good for business and for advert. Some people are earning a living from animation videos, those type of people has a lot of subscription on YouTube

Have seen a lot of animation videos online and you wished to know how to do yours, I’ve got you covered. 
Do you know the most interesting part of this article? This animation videos can be done with an Android phone. 
I believe you have an Android phone, then you can follow the process below. 
Let’s see the requirements below moving to the main reason why you are reading this article. 


  • Android phone above version 7+
  • Plotagon Android app – Download Here

Few Things To Know About Plotagon

  • The Plotagon Android app is 200MB in size. 
  • The app is not that good in free version, but you can start with free version with watermark then you can pay for premium version
  • You can build your own character(s). 
  • You have little places like houses, restaurants, offices and many more places to have your scenes
  • The app can be used even without mobile data connections. 
  • You can use different characters with their different reactions and voices
  • You have different mode like smiling mood, angry mood, boring mood and many more
  • You can use different locations in one video
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Let me stop there, Plotagon is the best for me when making animation videos or cartoon videos with Android phone. 
You should get the app today and start your own animation videos editing. 
You can make money from it if you have clients who are in need of it but make it professional by purchasing the premium plan. 
I hope you enjoy this post, kindly drop a comment and share if you really do. 

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