How to Check If a Used iPhone Is Stolen Before You Buy It

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How to Check If a Used iPhone Is Stolen Before You Buy It

Apple formerly offered the Activation Lock tool that permitted someone to substantiate with Apple whether a given iPhone’s serial number had been reported stolen and no longer sanctioned to access any cellular network.

People buying secondhand iPhones must follow the general procedures to be able to assure that you’ve gotten the right secondhand iPhone and not a stolen one.

Note: The IMEI-display procedure we’ve selected below works on all currently supported versions of iOS.

How to Obtain the IMEI

When you are willing to buy a secondhand iPhone then you should obtain the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers.

The IMEI number is unique numbers that serve as an identifier for a specific telecommunications device. This makes it easier to identify your iPhone among the millions of iPhones in the world.

If the seller didn’t expose the IMEI, then don’t buy that iPhone.

On an iPhone, visit Settings > General > About to view the IMEI.

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IPhone stolen

Tip: To check the IMEI for most devices, including non-Apple hardware, check the inside of the battery compartment or dial *#06# on the handset.

How to Check If The IMEI Has Been Backlisted or Not

  • Visit this Stolen Phone Checker Website Here
  • Enter your IMEI numbers that you’ve copied before in the space provided.
  • Check the “I am not a robot” box, then hit Submit button.
How to Check If a Used iPhone Is Stolen Before You Buy It

Scroll down to the IMEI information, then if you see “CLEAN” here, that’s means your iPhone isn’t on the global stolen or lost registry.

If you see “Blacklist status” heading, this means that your iPhone has been reported as lost/stolen.

Make a research before you buy any secondhand iPhone and never buy the iPhone that seller refuse to disclose the IMEI numbers. You can google search about IMEI Checker and stolen phone tracking.

Kindly drop comment below if you have questions, I’ll be happy to reply you after seeing your comment.

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