How To Change Your Facebook Profile Without Loosing The Likes And Comments

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Today, I will disclose how you can change your Facebook profile picture without loosing your previous likes and comments. 

Do you have a lot of likes/comments on your recent Facebook profile picture and you don’t want to change because you don’t know if you can get back those likes and comments? 
Don’t worry, Infoguideglobe is there for you with another hot tips that enables you to change that profile picture of yours on Facebook without loosing the likes and comments. 
This means, those likes and comments you got on the previous profile picture will be on the recent one also. 
That sounds amazing right, let’s go further more. 
  • Your Android phone
  • Facebook App (Not Facebook Lite) 
  • Enable Data Connections
Without wasting too much of our time, let’s go on how you can change your Facebook profile picture without loosing the previous profile likes and comments. 

How To Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Loosing Likes And Comments

  • Open your Facebook app and view your profile.
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  • Click on the Camera icon and tap on Change Profile Picture
  • Wipe left and locate Album
  • Select any photos from the Album as your profile picture. 

You can only used those pictures you’ve previously uploaded on Facebook, as your profile picture to make this trick work out. Otherwise, this trick won’t work out if you upload a new photo from your gallery. 

You can leave a comment below if you need more explanations, please share. 

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