How To Add Buttons Below Any Post On Telegram

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If you are curious about the button or buttons below our post on our Telegram channel, then this is the ultimate guide for you to help you in doing that with ease. Some of our readers as asked me this question numerous times.

How To Add Buttons Below Any Post On Telegram

You need to own a channel and this guide will be in form of a video. This is will be easier to learn and follow.

What do we have for you in the video?

  • I’m going to teach you how to add the types of buttons below:
  • URL button(s)
  • Reactions Buttons
  • Comment Button

Bonus: You’ll learn how to create a bot if you don’t know that before, then I’ll show you how to use your own bot for everything including some tactics.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel after watching the video.

Check my previous on how you can organize your Chats on Telegram by creating folders for your bot. This will make your chats to be well organize in a proper order.

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How To Add Buttons Below Any Post On Telegram

Like I mentioned above, this tutorial is in form of a video, the video was posted on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel here.

I’ll hope you like the video, let’s know in the comment section below or should I drop the article here?

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