Easiest Way To Fix Problems On Your Android Phone With Twitter Hashtag

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Are you looking for a way to fix your Android phone?  Or you don’t really know what’s wrong with your phone. 
No matter how careful you are, there’ll be sometimes when your Android phone would come up with a issues or two you didn’t know before.  
How can you easily fix those issues on your Android phone? 
Google tweeted that they are capable of fixing Android phone if you let them know. It was officially posted by @android Twitter handle on January 27 of this year (2020). 
See the tweet below 👇👇👇

Have questions related to your #Android 📱? We’re here to help. Now, you can get assistance by tweeting your issue using hashtag #AndroidHelp.

— Android (@Android) January 27, 2020

Android has promised to fix your Android phone issues such as Accessibility, Security, Identity And Authentication, General Troubleshooting and many more. 
What are you meant to do right now? If you haven’t joined Twitter before, it’s better for you to join now. 

How To Fix Your Android Phone On Twitter With Hashtag (#AndroidHelp) 

  • Open Twitter app
  • Tap on the plus sign to create a post
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Create a post on Twitter with your Android problems with the #AndroidHelp hashtag attached to the post. You can include a screenshot in the post if needed. 

After creating and posting the the post with #AndroidHelp attached it, Android will reply you to fix it only if not beyond what they can instruct you to do and your phone will be fixed. 
I hope you enjoy it, please share and retweet. 

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