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The Most Expensive IPhone In The World

A well-known YouTuber (Marques Brownlee) has published a video on YouTube about the most expensive IPhone in the world.

He made it clear to everyone that the IPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive IPhone in the world. This smartphone has gold and diamond at the back.

Few Things You Should Know About The IPhone 11 Pro

The phone prices will start from $100,000 and it will come with AirPods Pro headphones and also with a super fast charger.

This phone was announced by Marques Brownlee, that it is the most expensive IPhone in the world in his recent video on YouTube.

Why will he said it is the most expensive IPhone in the world?
You won't believe it, a phone comes with diamond at the back. And the second reason is that it will be sold for about $100,000.

According to what Marques Brownlee, he said it is not useful for a normal person to use the phone. He also said a Russian company sent a person by plane to get him the phone.

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