12 Unbeatable Features Of Telegram Over WhatsApp

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There are different proven features why Telegram is better than WhatsApp. Telegram is the best for me when choosing the best instant messaging app. 

As we all know, technology is going far every blessed day. WhatsApp features is low for some people in this era. Especially, we blogger don’t really like it anymore since Telegram is available with best features. 
There are thousands of features which Telegram has over WhatsApp, WhatsApp need to upgrade but I think they will never do. 
Actually, WhatsApp is the best for those who just want to chat with their families and friends not that useful for bloggers who wants thousands/millions of subscribers and members. 
I will list out 12 features why Telegram is best and will always be. 

12 Features Why Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp Everyday

  1. Security 
  2. Telegram was developed with a full encrypted source and it is one of the best goal which the founder has implemented. We all know security is one of the best features when coming online. 
    WhatsApp also has security but it lacks some security features like when you joined a WhatsApp group, everyone will know your number because WhatsApp be like “+234907390**** join this group”
    That’s where it lacks, Telegram will rather shows your name. If the person don’t have your contact before, he/she can’t see your number but your name will be shown to everyone. 
    I love that particular features on Telegram which we hope WhatsApp can never have. 
  3. Bot
  4. Bot are one of the best features on Telegram, there are thousands of bot on Telegram. You can also create a bot without coding knowledge with the help of @botfather
    Telegram is an open source API instant messaging app which enables you to create your own bot with/without coding knowledge. 
    Bot are also used in managing group, I’m always fed up when I have a WhatsApp group then and I’m seeing some people dropping their links in my group. As admin, you can’t delete the members message for everyone but Telegram can make you delete members message for everyone. 
    There are some Telegram bot that helps you in deleting members links immediately they posted the link in the group chat, WhatsApp doesn’t have that awesome features. 
    Telegram bot can also be used for playing games, quizzes/votes, inline buttons, reactions buttons, like buttons, payments, downloading YouTube videos and so many countless features. 
  5. 200,000 Limitation For Group Members
  6. As we all know, WhatsApp group members limit is 247 which is not enough for bloggers and some set of people. 
    Let’s say I have a product for sale, how many people will order for that product in 247 members but Telegram has 200,000 group members limit. 
    Telegram having 200,000 members limit is good for promotion/sponsored posts, selling of products if you have any like ebooks, a lot of people will purchase your products. 
  7. Cloud Storage
  8. Telegram is the best when sending large files to your families and friends. Telegram doesn’t care no matter how large is the files because they are using cloud storage. 
    With Telegram, you can easily send files worth of 5GB in size and many more. Telegram is fast and secured. 
    There are thousands of Telegram channel that upload large files every day but WhatsApp doesn’t have that, on WhatsApp, those files will be stored on your phone storage. 
  9. Channel
  10. Telegram channel is one of my best features for liking Telegram app. Telegram channel are widely used by big and small businesses. 
    Telegram channel can have over millions of subscribers and it has no subscribers limit. According to research on Telegram channel limit. Telegram channel has no limit unlike WhatsApp, Telegram channel can only be compared with YouTube channel, no subscribers limit. 
  11. Multiple Accounts And Logins
  12. You can login up to 5 accounts on Telegram official Android app. Unlike WhatsApp, one account per one mobile phone. 
    Talking about Telegram, you can login on your PC, your Android phone, your mom’s phone, your friends and dad’s phone and your account will be good and stable. 
    When you try to login your WhatsApp account on another device, the previous one will automatically log out which Telegram doesn’t have that bad feature. 
  13. Search Any YouTube Videos On Telegram
  14. With Telegram, you can search any YouTube videos and send it to your friends and families without leaving Telegram. This is simple to do except you don’t know the name of the videos. 
    Using the @Vid you can search any YouTube videos on Telegram, see my screenshots below searching for “Telegram Channel”
    You can see that this features alone beats WhatsApp over thousands of times. 

  15. Search Wikipedia Pages On Telegram
  16. You can easily send anyone Wikipedia article/pages by searching for it on Telegram with @Wiki 
  17. Who Can See My Phone Number
  18. Who can see my phone number is one of the best Telegram features I like a lot. With this features, you can set who you permitted to see your mobile number. 
    Unlike WhatsApp, that everyone can see your mobile number when you join a group, Telegram has who can see my phone number features that will enable you to pick those who are permitted to see your mobile number. 
  19. Themes
  20. Telegram has a lot of themes, you can even create your own theme on Telegram. Telegram themes are cool and can be customized by you.
    There are Night theme on Telegram, light theme and so many fantastic theme you will like. You can create your own theme to your taste, and also you have can share the theme with friends using Telegram. 

  21. Fast Message
  22. In terms of messages, Telegram is faster than WhatsApp if you test the message (sent/received) speed rates. 
    Telegram is more faster than WhatsApp when it comes to sending of messages. I’ve observed this several times and Telegram is always ahead of WhatsApp. 
  23. Global Search
  24. With Telegram search, you can easily search for any public group or channel, then join. 
    This also help you when searching anything on Telegram by typing in the search box. You can also search for anyone profile on Telegram if you know the person’s username. 
    This particular feature has made it possible to join any public group on Telegram by search for the name or username. 

I hope you like this post, hit the share button below to share this post to any social media. Telegram is the best in features and functionality but WhatsApp remains the most popular instant messaging app. 

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